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Which of these results inspires you the most?

Which of these results inspires you the most?

"Katie’s content is accessible, inspiring, relatable, informative and incredibly enjoyable - And I’d encourage anyone at any level to join!"

I first picked up a paintbrush in 2020 when my husband gently encouraged me with a gift of art supplies. Creativity had become a lifeline for me since the devastating death of our daughter 4 years earlier and I looked forward to trying my hand at painting - little did I know just how much I would love it.

As I painted, I knew I wanted to become more skilled in this newly discovered love and to better understand how to translate what was in my head onto the canvas. I came across Katie’s art tutorials online and was immediately drawn to her beautiful paintings, accessible teaching style and warmth. So I was delighted when 2 years later she brought out this ‘learn to paint with confidence’ course which I couldn’t wait to sign up for- and I’m thrilled that I did.

Amongst the many benefits of doing this course, 2 things stand out for me

First, gaining a deeper understanding of the ‘science’ behind the art.

Katie systematically takes you through the critical building blocks that form the basis of every captivating piece of art. From colour theory, to drawing, to composition, to depth; it has been so helpful to understand and work at these core skills in order to truly have the freedom to create unique pieces. Like a vine that has freedom to grow only because of the structure of the trellis that supports it, I feel I have a much better grasp of how to create art that I love and not just rely on ‘happy accidents – in this way I also enjoy the process of creating much more!

Secondly, gaining confidence through a mindset shift

Katie starts the course with a good chunk of time focused on mindset. And while you might be tempted to want to just skip to the ‘teaching part’, this foundational focus on mindset has been invaluable. As someone who struggles with self-doubt, I appreciated the time Katie took to gently coach us in how to think about ourselves as artists and the creative process. And I find myself coming back to her insights and encouragements when I am being my biggest critic. Because of this I now feel like I can simply lean into every part of creating, I can allow myself to work through the uncomfortable stages of a painting and that I can trust the process to the end.

I’ve truly loved the course! Katie’s content is accessible, inspiring, relatable, informative and incredibly enjoyable - And I’d encourage anyone at any level to join! Not only will your art improve but I’m certain you’ll begin to love the process of creating it even more too. - Liezl Anderson

"When I took Katie's course, I was surprised at what I learned."

"My art journey was one full of struggle and fear. I would either make something I was not happy with or create something I was happy with, only to fear that others wouldn't approve. Creating art can also be expensive. Which weighed heavily on me. So, I stopped creating or rather, severely limited myself to create very few art pieces for many years. This was frustrating because I wasn't allowing myself to creatively grow in style or skill and it showed.

When I took Katie's course, I was surprised at what I learned. I took away two main things.

1. To create from a place of abundance.
2. To create without comparing.

I, of course, learned many other things in the course, but those two components really allowed me to let go and paint. Instead of worrying about how much supplies I was using or how much I was sharpening my pencil I let my creativity come from a place of abundance and my art flowed.

With social media I find myself looking at all these talented artists and feel like I don't have much to offer. Everyone else's artwork is so amazing, and I think how can mine even compare? When Katie mentioned how we should stop comparing our artwork with someone else's, I gave it a try. This form of self-love allowed me to feel confident. I realized that what I create is unique to me. Now when I look at social media, I see the uniqueness of other's art and how it relates to them as an artist. It doesn't matter how my art looks alongside there's because they are an entirely different person. Striving to be like them will be a dream never reached.

So, I stopped striving for wanting my art to look like theirs and strived for what I was, for what I am. I am a child of God, I am a wife, I am a lover of nature, I am a fur momma... I am an artist, and you can be too.

Let your paint (or whatever medium you use) take you away on an adventure. It's waiting for you. All you need to do is jump in. And take Katie's course. " - Alicia Lehman

"Joining the course has given me more confidence with colour theory, as well as being more aware how to see and transfer the tones and values."

"I have done lots of outdoor drawing and watercolour painting from life, but always lost confidence when continuing to work on the painting once in the studio. This meant work was always left half finished. I really struggled with tone in painting, which left me feeling frustrated. I was keen to go back through colour theory also.

Joining the course has given me more confidence with colour theory, as well as being more aware how to see and transfer the tones and values. My paintings are beginning to feel more complete and I’m enjoying the process more. I’m getting better at using my sketches and photos to help work on paintings in the studio. 

Where I also work as a nurse I felt a great pressure in the spare time I had free for art to create amazing things, knowing I’ll be back to work again before I know it. However, I’m more patient, allowing myself to have days just experimenting, enjoying the process, as I realise the value in this now. 

Painting with Confidence course has been so inspiring and up lifting. Not only does it help with increasing ones knowledge and skills, it also gives you a fantastic mind set for both art and in your daily life. Katie and the course has left me feeling really positive and excited about creating more art. “ - Annabelle

"I have started seeing myself as the artist I am. My paintings have a voice, my voice.

"My name is Maria Quintas-Herron from Madrid (Spain), and a resident of Virginia (USA) .  I grew up in a house were art and music were part of our daily lives.  I used to draw a lot with my sisters, and we used to watch my father paint although we never gave it a try. Ever since I was 10 years old I have wondered what painting felt like … and at 57 I decided to try it.  Better late than never!"

...then I found Katie’s wave tutorial! That was a turning point for me. The results told me I had the capacity but lacked the technique and experience. I did not know how to start a painting on my own, how to properly set the layers, how to mix colors, what was the best brush for a particular shape or texture and so on. As soon as she announced the program I jumped on the opportunity.  I started following her guidelines and doing the course exercises plus other similar paintings on my own to foment specific methods and to target the subject of each module (no-fear painting, experiment, find your voice etc). And things started to happen! I was able to see a photographs and visualize the bottom layers, the tones and shades, how to make the sun shine on leaves and trees reflect on water, my first animal painting ever (see photo) and so much more. I discovered I LOVE black and white paintings. And sometimes I paint without reference, out of the top of my head.  
I have started seeing myself as the artist I am.  My paintings have a voice, my voice.  Painting gives me peace and purpose, it settles my soul and feeds my creative hunger.  And the paintings look wonderful on the wall! - Maria Quintas-Heron

"Joining “Learn to Paint with Confidence'' was the best decision I made in my art journey. Thanks to the course I finally fulfilled my dream and now I create paintings I am proud of and truly love."

“I always loved creating art and dreamed that one day I could make beautiful paintings I would be proud of. But when I finally picked up acrylics I was disappointed with what I made. I struggled with choosing and mixing the right colors and always got discouraged when my paintings did not turn out the way I wanted. The fear of wasting my art supplies on a painting I would not like made me paint less and less. Looking back I see the number of mistakes I was making but did not know how to fix at the time. I really wanted to paint and hoped I could get better, but I was stuck and lost.

When Katie announced her course, I did not hesitate and got it straight away. The course turned out to be exactly what I needed and so much more. I absolutely love it! The first modules about the mindset totally transformed my way of thinking and I am so grateful Katie included them in the course. I finally let go of fear and now, with a positive mindset, I can fully enjoy the process of creating a painting.

I highly recommend “Learn to Paint with Confidence'' to anyone looking for a sure way to improve their skills and to create art with freedom and joy. If you take this course, you will not be disappointed.

At the moment of writing this, I have completed about 60% of the course and the results I am seeing are incredible. The lesson "Loosening up/impressionist brushwork" was a moment of breakthrough for me. I created 4 paintings in just 2 evenings and each day I can’t wait to paint more. 

What was also surprising for me was that I easily created 4 paintings of the same subject, whereas before the course I was barely able to make 2 artworks of the same thing and always wondered how someone could create a whole collection centered around one topic. Now here I am, painting seascape after seascape. And all this thanks to you and your course! 🙂” - Zuzanna


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